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Kitchen Equipment - Tips For Buying Basic Equipment

Convenience foods and TV dinners from the freezer, in some parts of the States good home cooking has all but disappeared and young people eat this type of food every day of their lives. Some have no idea at all how to prepare fresh food or even how to use basic kitchen equipment.

You may be one of these people, Would you know where to start with buying kitchen equipment especially if money is not plentiful? A fairly small, simple list of items will give you all the equipment you need to get started. And you should soon recoup the money you spend because preparing your own meals is not only better nutritionally but financially - ready meals and take out meals are much more expensive than freshly prepared food.

The basics needed to equip your kitchen do not have to cost the earth items such as spatulas, measuring cups and spoons, colanders, wooden spoons, whisks and chopping boards can all be purchased cheaply from stores where everything is priced at a dollar. There are more expensive alternatives but for getting started these cheap items are ideal and if necessary can be replaced easily.

Pots and pans are a bit different, buying cheap here is usually a false economy it is important to purchase the best quality you can afford. There are cheap Teflon coated pans around which probably cost less than half the price of a quality heavy duty pan, but the chances are they will scratch very easily and end up needing replaced at regular intervals. Believe me when I say A good quality pot can last a lifetime and will save you money in the long run.

To enable you produce a wide variety of basic dishes you really don't need a lot of pots and pans. One two quart pan, one three quart pan each with a lid and a twelve inch skillet together with a good stock pot should get you started.

If it is at all possible for both the skillet and the stock pot it is best to buy cast iron. These conduct the heat evenly and they are virtually impossible to destroy. The one thing that is essential before using a cast iron pan is to ensure it is "seasoned" to prevent food sticking to it. To do this is fairly simple, just clean the pan thoroughly and coat with oil half a dozen times. If you do this you should not have to scrub the pan merely run hot water into it and give it a light scrub without soap and it is ready for use again. It is worth noting however if you cook something acidic say a dish containing fruit such as tomatoes the coating will be removed and the process will need to be repeated before the pan is re-used.

For saucepans again purchasing the best you can afford is the best advise. Good heavy stainless steel with a copper bottom is an excellent choice because once again the heat is distributed evenly across the base of the pan and this means that you food will not burn as readily.

So as you can see it really does not take much to get started. You will probably find you enjoy cooking and more so EATING freshly prepared food. As time goes on you will also add to your collection of cook wear and no doubt purchase so gizmos and gadgets. There really is nothing to loose so get in that kitchen and create!


The Top Five Ways To Use A Disposable Apron At Home

When most people think of a plastic apron, industrial use usually comes to mind. While they are a staple in many industries where chemicals, splashing, and dirt are a concern, a disposable apron is also very useful at home. Perfect for many projects, anyone can just put one on and then work around the house without worry of dirtying up their clothes. When it's dirty, just toss it out and grab another of these low cost home helpers.

During Craft Time

What is the perfect answer to the messes created during craft time with your children? A disposable apron, of course. All of the feathers, paint, glitter, and glue will collect on the protective clothing instead of your brand new outfit or that shirt you just bought for your son a few hours ago. Many children like to use their disposable apron as part of a craft, decorating them for themselves or maybe even decorating one for you. When the apron has seen its day, just toss it and let the kids create a new one.

In The Yard

While it's fun to play in the dirt, it isn't usually too good on your clothes. You can even cause yourself some discomfort or health problems by kneeling in grass or plants you have an allergy to. By putting on a plastic apron before heading out to do some yard work, the stains and dirt will end up on our disposable apron instead of on your nice clothing. In addition, since they are made of plastic, allergens won't stick or transfer to your skin.

Repairing The Car

Whether you're investigating a strange noise, checking your fluid levels, or just giving the car a quick wash, a plastic apron can help save your clothes. Many people find coveralls to be burdensome, limiting, inconvenient, and hot. You will keep your clothes dry and clean while keeping you comfortable when working on the car.

Around The House

If you own a home, you know a thing or two about home maintenance. While painting, remodeling, and cleaning are necessary, the messes they create can zap your productivity. A plastic apron will at least keep you clean through the process. It will keep dirt and other debris from settling on your clothes and can even work as a barrier to paint splatters as you repaint that front porch railing.

In The Kitchen

What inevitably happens as soon as you use stain remover for the fourth time to finally remove that ketchup stain on your regular apron? You instantly get another stain! Most of the time, the only answer to stain removal is tossing out those expensive fabric aprons. Enter the disposable apron. When you get a stain on one of these, just toss it out and put on a new one. Never be afraid of trying out messy recipes because you're worried about staining your clothes. Just put on a plastic apron and cook up a storm.

Just remember that a disposable apron is meant to be thrown away. Don't worry about cleaning them, just toss these inexpensive aprons and grab a new one. Some people reuse a plastic apron when it's not quite dirty enough to throw out by storing them in a plastic bag. They work well for many jobs around the house and they will keep you, your family, and your home much cleaner.


Are All Kitchen Mixers Created Equal? What To Look For When Buying A Mixer

Ignore all those infomercials for fancy (and essentially useless) kitchen gadgets. Instead, you should spend your time and effort on choosing the perfect kitchen mixer. A kitchen mixer is one of those appliances that every serious cook needs. A good stand mixer can save you hours of work in the kitchen doing a huge variety of kitchen jobs. No cook should be without one.

But not all kitchen mixers are created equal, and having a low-quality stand mixer can be almost as bad as not having one at all. Like other appliances, good quality stand mixers are a great investment, as these machines can last for years-- even decades. If you spend the time and money finding the perfect one, you won't have to worry about buying another for a very long time.

There are several things you should look at when shopping for a new kitchen mixer. There's price and quality, of course, but you should also consider things like speed & controls, capacity, attachments, and add-on options.

Speed and Controls

In general, stand mixers have anywhere from 3 to 15 speeds. The more speeds your mixer has, the more flexible it will be in its uses and the more control you'll have with mixing. There are several kinds of controls that come standard on kitchen mixers. Probably the most common is the dial control. This adjusts speed more gradually, allowing you to go from low to high as you choose. You may also find stand mixers with slide controls, pushbuttons (as on a standard blender), and switches. The newest kitchen mixers are controlled with a touchpad, and have a digital display panel. These look great, but are not so different from standard controls. One new innovation in these types of mixers that you may want to opt for, however, is a timer. This has a countdown on a digital display, and will shut down automatically after a certain pre-programmed time.


A basic stand mixer will have the capacity to mix one batch of cookie or bread dough. Many other models, however, are sold with two different sized bowls, allowing the capacity to be adjusted to many different recipes. Though standard bowls are generally the size of a medium mixing bowl, kitchen mixer work bowls can have anywhere from a 1.5 to 7 quart capacity.

Attachments & Optional Accessories

Like other appliances, one thing you'll want to look at when buying a stand mixer is if it will do everything you need. A standard kitchen mixer comes with a set of beaters for batters, dough hooks for mixing bread doughs, and one or two mixing bowls. However, many come with extra attachments and optional accessories to make kitchen work even easier. These include paddles, splatter shields, or flat blending rods for mixing drinks.

Many of the best kitchen mixers can be converted into different kinds of kitchen appliances by buying a simple accessory. This kind of stand mixer can be transformed into a meat grinder, a juicer, a food processor, a can opener, or a pasta maker. While these units and their accessories are expensive, they can easily replace almost every kitchen appliance you have.


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